First Practice of the Year 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Army is already at practice proving the Punxutawney groundhog correct by ringing in an early spring.

GoArmySports has a recap of practice #1.

The story of the day is QB competition with Sal Interdonato noting that there is an open 4 way QB tryout.

Schurr and White aren't the only quarterbacks in the mix. Coach Rich Ellerson said the competition is open and includes sophomore Angel Santiago and junior Cody Jackson.
"Those four guys all are going to get some consideration," Ellerson said. "I'm trying to say we don't have a lot of expectations, but clearly A.J. and Angel are the guys who have played on Saturday in the big stadiums. But Cody and Kelvin both do some good stuff. I don't want any of those guys to be out of it and no one has been anointed."

Also, the spring game will be held at Michie, which is provides a small measure of justice for season ticket holders who deserve to see the team in person this spring.

The 2013 season is already starting and not a moment too soon.




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