Some Positional Moves in March

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sal Interdonato scratches my itch and lists a working 2 deep on the offensive line.

The first-team offensive line change up:  Junior Zach Reichert (tackle) and freshman Matt Hugenberg (guards) formed the left side. Sophomore Todd McDonald (center), sophomore Steve Shumaker (guard) and freshman Justin Gilbert (tackle) remained in their first-team positions.  Starting center Ryan Powis is still out with a knee injury. The second-team offensive line was sophomore Nick Bennett (left tackle); junior Andrew Szott (left guard), freshman Corey Hobbs (center); junior Richard Rainey (right guard) and juniors Whitaker and Ryan Kalnins rotated at right tackle.

 We're counting on Ryan Powis to be back for September, so no matter what - the line will look different in the fall. With that, I expect that Powis' return will make the line stronger for the season. I'm excited about this group of linemen and I'm excited about their prospects for the 2013 season, but that doesn't mean this group is going to magically turn into a veteran line in one summer.

The one thing that stands out to me in that 2 deep judging by class alone this group is a year away from being a top flight unit. Can Army lead the nation in rushing again? Probably. But as we saw last year, that alone doesn't guarantee a winning season. It's nice to have pieces, but to have a group like this that can play together for two full years is a the asset moving forward toward 2014.

Rich Ellerson did an interview with Ken Kraetzer regarding some of the personnel moves. RE really lights up when the conversation turns to defense.




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