Knighty Night

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Army knocked out Morgan State in Friday night's game and after thrashing the Bears in the first half Army ultimately lulled Michie Stadium's crowd to sleep in their 28-12 tune-up victory.

Some of the stars who emerged in last night's victory were expected: Geoffry Bacon had 16 tackles  - some new stars shined as well... QB Angel Santiago had 101 passing yards and a team high 120 yards rushing as the new face of Army's option offense. It was interesting seeing former Penn State OC Tom Bradley in the booth - probably not the voice I'd want to listen to for every football game but his audio far exceeded his telestrator ability. CBS should probably take the pen off of him until he can use that thing correctly.

Danny Wild's perspective is always fun check him out, bookmark him.

The perspective from the Baltimore Sun is here

Here's an interesting piece on the history of football at Morgan State as an historically black college. Last night's game was Army's first against an all-black college.

 Here's your Army/Morgan State story, stats and highlights



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