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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stanford @ Army  game notes (.pdf) are up.

Rich Ellerson's presser quotes are available on GoArmy Sports. The coach-speak is so far beyond cliche at this point, it's truly annoying, and his demeanor in postgame talks is off-putting at best.

“What they have to try to do is win the next snap. They don’t have to try to win the game. They need the win the next snap, the next situation, the next opportunity. Don’t believe what the scoreboard says good, bad or indifferent. Just get yourself in the moment and try to get a stop on the next snap, get a first down on the next snap, make a play on the next snap, whether it be a sky punt or an extra point, or when you’re defending the off-tackle play, or running the triple option. Whatever it is, let’s execute that on the next play. Keep yourself in the moment, and that’s where we start getting good."

I like HC Ellerson, I like a lot of his coaching staff, and I think he should stay for 3 more years simply for stability sake. I know he can't be sassy in front of the press every single week, but I'd like some spice in some of these pressers. The modesty goes beyond boring and at some point in each season just becomes coach-speak.

Maybe pick your spots and act out ahead of a few toss-up games, but come on.... how often does Army pull a top-5 opponent at home?  

 Sal sifted through the rhetoric and brings us the presser highlights.

 Also, Sal indicates there is a quarterback competition which I can only imagine will continue into week 4.

So Army's a team in need of answers and it doesn't look like there are many answers presenting themselves at this point.




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