Rich Ellerson Done

Monday, December 16, 2013

I saw it on first

Well I can't say I am surprised, after coming in with such promising early campaigns, leading Army to its first bowl game since 1996 hope was high for Army under Rich Ellerson.

I like the guy, I loved his schemes and I really thought he could win at West Point. Unfortunately for everyone who cares about Army football, he didn't win, at least not often enough. I have been a huge fan of Ellerson's style and what he brought to the academy, but mid way through the year the losing started to eat away at me. You look at the bad, bad, losses, you see through some bad near-losses and even with beating Air Force last year the streak is just too much to take. In all honesty, Ellerson should have been the guy to break through and beat Navy. Realistically he should have owned more than one win against Air Force as well.

As a fan, you look at some of the reasons why you would keep Ellerson through the end of his contract and aside from him being a nice guy there is only one way his work would continue to help Army football - stability; to keep the schemes in tact and  keep continuity with the players and prospects.

As it turned out there just wasn't enough on the field success to justify calling the RE regime "stable". So if the results aren't any good, what good is stability?

Sal took one last interview with Rich Ellerson.

I can't say enough how much I respect the guy. I wish it could have played out a little different, but it's not an easy job and Ellerson gave Army football a chance to win.




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