Army 1-2

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Very forgettable collapse down in Winston/Salem. That's the kind of game you need to find any way to hold the lead.

Some clear setbacks in the form of penalties late in the game. 7 penalties and 52 yards is a lot of downs and a lot yardage. No matter the offensive scheme there is just no way to win with those kind of penalties.

I suppose this is the point in the season where I compare Army to Pitt. Both teams lost a late lead and crapped out in the second half. Pitt would pound Army this year, no question, but there are ample empty seats at both Heinz Field and Michie Stadium for fans to be disappointed or let down in the second half by either team.

Sal Interdonato is doing a great job covering the Army football team. His Inside Army Football blog has got to be top of your links list every day.

Up next for Army is Yale, another game with a lot of historical footnotes. Army@Yale game notes are up (.pdf).

I want desperately to get back to turning over yearbooks and playbooks on a regular basis, but as you can see, I'm here posting a reaction to Saturday's game on the Wednesday after; so for now I'm just going to wish for more hours in each day.

Army/Wake Forest story, stats, and highlights.




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