Army vs. Ball State for 4 Quarters

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ball State/Army game notes have been up for a while.

Ball State blog Over The Pylon breaks down some of the numbers.

Yes, they lost Yale, but they also beat Buffalo. This season makes no sense and frankly, these two teams could have any possible outcome Saturday and it wouldn’t shock me at all.
I'm on board with that. Just try being a Pitt fan as well to magnify that sentiment.

Army has had a couple of these win-able games already with just a 1-3 record to show for it. Sat.'s game represents pretty much the same hurdle for both teams. Ball State is 1-3 and has had a tough time getting wins against some below average opponents

Army hasn't played a complete game all season, that should really be Army's game plan: win each quarter. I don't care about a 23 point 1st quarter if Army loses the next 3 periods by 14 points each. Go out and win a game of football. Ball State is not here to ruin anyone's season - they've never really bothered anybody. Army's got to string together a complete game of football and if given a moment when they can drop the guillotine on Ball State they should do just that- they have got to start the game as winners and finish the game as winners. 

Sal did a Q&A with the Muncie, IN beat writer it's a nice pregame read.

 The Star Ledger has a game preview up some interesting pieces there.

• Depth chart oddity: Army has one starting lineman heavier than 283 pounds: 6-foot-7 tackle Drew Hennessy.  This will probably not matter.

The starting defensive line includes no one taller than 6-foot-2 or heavier than 264 pounds. This could come into play.

Can't wait for this one. High noon can't arrive fast enough.




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