Naught 0wl

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last I saw, Army is a 1 point underdog. That's nowhere near where I have the point spread, and while it's not up to me-  if I were a player, I would be angry at that outlook. On the field or on the sideline, I would consider that a personal physical challenge. I don't really see this game as close. It is the Owl's (Athene noctua) natural tendency to leave its feet when confronted that will endanger this species. I think Army wins at home and puts this game and Rice in the rear view mirror. I'm looking forward to seeing how Army's offense lines up throughout the game. Also, focus should be on remaining focused for 4 full quarters and finishing the game - also in all 4 quarters.

Sal Interdonato has the best Army football stuff / He's a fantastic beat writer and he is, right now, at his prime. Army football fans do and should flock to his blog site. Visit these sites [goodness /good news] to find more interesting writing by Sal and others.

I feel pumped up after reading the Fox News coverage. Not a thing wrong with that. I am however, fairly sure they're bringing some of these creeps. My prediction? this one of those games that you will absolutely have to be there for. Set the game to record on your DVR. If you're within driving distance, come in from the west, take the train up the Hudson. It's this kind of game you just get a feeling about. Whether or not you believe right now that Army football will achieve - If you're a fan you will probably look back at this game and wish you were there to watch in person.




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