Army 4-7

Monday, December 8, 2014

Army knocked off an undersized but game Fordham team a few weeks ago moving their mark up to 4-7. It's nice to see that Army can win a game or 2 or 4 in this transition year, but the feeling that this was a letdown of a season keeps creeping up on me.

Yes, Army should have handled Yale - but Yale is no joke of a team. When UConn people got down on their own team for losing to Army - who lost to Yale. (YALE?!) It wasn't because they were disgusted about their own team. It's because they wanted to talk down to somebody. Well isn't it fun when a fan base like that gets their foot shoveled off? SMU smacked UConn in East Hartford for the Mustangs' first win of the year raising themselves out of the NCAA basement and kicking UConn down those same stairs. The cherry on top was UConn's basketball team losing a game at home to stinkin Yale.  (YALE?!)  I would give back UConn's loss to erase Army's loss, but at least Yale football is a good team. So I don't want to hear another peep out of sad and bitter UConn fans til they find acceptance within themselves that Connecticut athletics is closer to Vermont athletics than anything the AAC is doing, let alone the ACC.

So we're winding down year one of the Jeff Monken era. There have surely been disappointments - but change doesn't happen in one season. If Army went to New Haven and beat Yale we would have a different perspective on the season right now. The Black Knights would be playing for 6-6 and despite losing a lot of talent in 2015 we've found out a lot about the underclassmen on this team. No matter how you slice it, even with a losing record Army should feel optimistic about the near and long term future.

There will always be errors and some tightness in the first season, that's just how things work. Some of the poor play calls will be ironed out or wholly unnecessary in a couple of years. Right now, Army should be happy with their body of work. There's one more game for the seniors to show off; it's the most important game of our season and the most important game of their lives. Don't count them out: Army is DUE.

Anyway, Army is 4-7 - champion of New York City and face Navy next in the last game of the year.

Here's the Army Fordham story, stats, pictures and highlights.




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