Getting Back in the Swing

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

YAWN.... stretch.... blink, blink.

Good morning Army West Point fans, did I miss anything? Hopefully I can get back into the flow and post with some regularity.

Army news and previews are sprouting up here and there, so I'll try to compile them here in the walk-up to the season.

Army West Point beat writer Sal Interdonato is back to it with a look at some possible 1st year contributors (subscription article) for the Cadets. It's a fresh look at some of the team's youngest layers of talent and a nice read. It's always interesting to see the new players and watch the team grow.

 And by the way, now that I've mentioned it... it comes a lot more natural to me to call the team the Cadets than the Black Knights. In fact you could call them the Cornwall Cadets and I would still prefer that to Black Knights.  "Army West Point" though? I don't know about that one. No big deal, because whoever came up with the names hedged and I can fall back on calling the team the Cadets as I greatly prefer.

It's nice to see the conference commissioners finally throw a bone to the Big East Big AAC.

The College Football Playoff management committee has recommended that the CFP semifinals and/or New Year's Six bowls be held open until after the Army-Navy game is played if either school is in the running for the games.
If Army or Navy is in the running for a top-four ranking, the College Football Playoff selection committee will wait until after the teams play to seed the field.

It's a clear non-concession for a league that has been hung out to dry by neighboring leagues and by its own former members, I mean the good old Big East wasn't even allowed to keep its name. So while it's refreshing for the BE to get any kind of boost from the powers that be - at this point it's a silly consolation as the New Bullshit Playoff won't ever have to wait for the Army Navy game to finish in order to make it's anointment$.
If it was any different the any team in question would have been included in the money grab in the first place.

Lastly, here's a fat, juicy preview for Army's upcoming season. It's the first 2015 preview that I've seen and a lengthy one. Naturally it's a must read, so head on over to

It's nice to be back in the swing of things, I'll try to keep it current.




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