Army 0-2

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Army's game vs UConn went marginally better than the Fordham game, but still the result was the same.

It's a shame too... I would have loved to see Army beat UConn again.

This was another game riddled with West Point blunders. This time it was penalties and defensive shortcomings on 3rd down. The offense looks like they are still piecing together the machine that they will use to challenge for the NCAA team rushing title. This was the first leg in the quest for the mythical Husky-In-Chief trophy. Naturally by virtue of Army's loss, the accolades will go to the winner of Navy/UConn on Sept 26.

Sal Interdonato does 5 minutes on the UConn game.

Sal's message is clear, and he paints a picture of Army football as a frustrated team and a frustrated fan base.

I like that the team takes a loss to UConn so personally, though in reflection it is more important to take pretty much everything else personally in the game except the loss.

I'll urge patience from all Army fans. There will be other chances for high points of the season - and this team will achieve in time. Looking at that it  may take some time for everything to come together for this Army group.

Right now is no time for for doom and gloom, Wake Forest is next on the schedule and all thoughts should be on the Deamon Deacons.

Here are the Army/UConn story, stats, and highlights.



daniel said...

like your blog, think both you and Sal's analysis spot on. I love army, long time fan. But my take so far is Ellerson was a better coach. He took 260 pound lineman and produced #1 rushing offense in USA. Monken took over and 3 year starter Ryan Prowlis at center was pushed out as Monken tried to create this 300 pound SEC type line for a one option offense not triple option at all. Ellerson had counters--even looking back at coach Jim Young--you see many misdirections--it was exciting and best of all it worked.

On defense is where Ellerson fell short--offense army could put points on anyone but the size disadvantage of army on defensive front line took its toll. Bottom line, I still love army but so far I do not think Monken an improvement--Ellerson's scheme fit the academy--I'm not sure 300 pound cadets will make good officers--but I served with many 260 pounders who did.


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