Game Notes: Buffalo

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Update: Buffalo game notes added 

No news is good news as far as Army football is concerned. Notably, Monday was #28 Brandon Jackson's funeral, and the team attended the ceremony.  I'm not hearing too much about injuries at this point, there are a few players I would like to hear about, but as long as the injuries aren't mounting I am fine with that.

Buffalo is a team that has been running the ball a lot. They've gone over 200 yards rushing in each of their first two games (both losses). Buffalo has been holding onto the ball - just one fumble so far through 2 games... the Bulls have thrown 3 interceptions to this point though.

Looks like the Bulls might work out of the 4-3, it's a scheme they stuck with in defeat against Nevada's read-option offense. We'll have to see though, maybe they will try something different against the triple option.

Here are the Army game notes (.pdf), a statistical snapshot of the Bulls first two games can be found here. I'll try to update with the actual game notes when they post them.   Update: Buffalo Game notes

This game will be Army's only chance to lay claim to owning New York - maybe time to rack up some points?
No reason to be overconfident, no reason to look ahead - the Cadets have a bye week after the Buffalo game, so there will be plenty of time to ponder life after the road trip.




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