On Constructing A Safe Space

Friday, September 23, 2016

Since seemingly everybody around me wants to talk about anything except Army football I guess I am going to have to find some common ground with those who must find anything and everything offensive.

I have enough make believe and extra noise in my life without having to mix additional extra noise into my day. Now I'm getting this extraneous bullshit mixed in with my football watching pastime. I am talking about the new trend of being offended at whatever the Army football team or their fans are doing at this precise moment.

First it was the team's Jesus prayer. Some attention seeker Mikey Weinstein took offense at the team's Jesus prayer.
Now it's this clown who thinks wearing a sombrero while in El Paso's Sun Bowl stadium is racist.

Felix Sanchez, founder and CEO of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, told Fox News Latino on Tuesday that he noticed the photo pop up on his Facebook feed and he found it “extraordinarily offensive."
Sanchez called the scene in the picture "an example of‘Trumpism’" whatever the fuck that means. Further, he cited UTEP as a predominantly Hispanic university and suggested Army fans wore sombreros to embarrass UTEP players.

I beg your pardon, but at what point in the game was any Army partisan in need of an edgy means to embarrass UTEP? If Sanchez, who represents the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts as founder and CEO was needing something to take offense to how about UTEP's ole' defense? The argument has no weight and was essentially laughed away by USMA brass.

If the U.S. Military Academy had as thin of skin they would certainly be online right now whining about Felix Sanchez likening them to any manner of Donald Trump's platform. Oh my sweet Jeezus: "Trumpism." That is rich. That is very, very rich. That statement is so, so rich. Really, extremely rich.

And so below I have a posted a safe place that you will find free of oppression and free from triggers. Feel free to come by our safe space to chill out away from the things that may bother you or make you feel anxious.

Neither Jesus nor the sombrero are hats that I wear, but if an easily accessible safe area on my site allows just one football fan to feel comfortable, then it is the least I can do.




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