Dark Clouds Gather...

Friday, August 25, 2017

For those, like me, who have been holding their breath since spring ball hoping for good fortunes and a healthy squad, well, some adversity has gotten through to the core of the team.

The timing couldn't be worse. Less than a week to go until Army kicks off their season and there have been multiple players bitten by the injury bug.

I can't help but be extremely concerned with the state of the offense after expecting that side of the ball to be the strength of the team, and within the offense - expecting the line to be the greatest strength of that offense.

Sal lets us down easy

Up front: Six of Army’s top 10 offensive linemen are injured or banged up, Monken said. Senior guard Josh Boylan was the only projected starter to practice without restriction. Senior guard Mike Houghton was limited. Center Bryce Holland, right tackle Brett Toth and left tackle Rick Kurz – starters – and Alex Herndon, Kurz’s backup, are “hurt”, Monken said. He did not rule any of the aforementioned linemen out for the opener.

Damn. None of that sounds good except for the wait-and-see response.
I'm picturing an offense that may need some time to get its footing in any given game. I'm not a merchant in doom and gloom, but I can see how multiple injuries to the line could reverse the high expectations for Army's upcoming season.

I'm not going to conjecture just yet. With so many guys out,  probability says that the players all have different timelines for return. Let's hope that the injured players make the fastest, most complete recovery possible.




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