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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

 Lenoir Rhyne has a collection of yearbooks available, the Lenoir Rhyne Hacawa. It's another good one, this one brings to light the works of the Lenoir Rhyne Bears football team. The Bears have experienced a recent resurgence beginning under head coach Mike Houston and continuing with Former Army coach Ian Shields. After coaching for Army, Lenoir Rhyne was the first stop for former Army offensive coordinator Ian Shields. Previous West Point coaches Rich Ellerson and Tom Simi as well as former QB Trent Steelman are now all members of Coach Shields' staff at Jacksonville University.

Lenoir Rhyne's golden era was the stretch of time during the entirety of the 1950's and the early years of the 1960's. Former Lenoir Rhyne Bears head coach Clarence Stasavich directed the team to three early minor postseason bowl appearances in 1951 (Pythian Bowl), 1952 (Cigar Bowl) and 1955 (Palmetto Shrine Bowl) as well as back to back NAIA championship game appearances in 1959 and 1960, with another championship game appearance in 1962. Coach Stasavich's early success using the single wing formation dedicated him to the concept and his teams operated mainly out of that formation in a time when most of football had moved on to T formation backfields (and beyond).

The yearbooks are great reminders of Bears history with photos and game notes available for many of their best seasons. Photographs, by nature don't age particularly well, but the spirit and lore of these past Lenoir Rhyne football seasons do, and it makes for a classic yearbook addition.

Lenoir Rhyne 15 Humboldt 14 NAIA National Championship Game

This collection comes from what is a nice aggregation of small college yearbooks. We've seen school-led yearbook digitization projects and, this one, Digital NC is another state-led digitization project. I'm particularly excited about this one because it gives me some very nice content for my yearbook posts and include some relevant football schools, so we have a bunch more yearbooks to look forward to.


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