Army 1-0

Saturday, September 2, 2017

All hail the new king. Army beat Fordham handily in their first game of the season and dispatched Fordham to earn the mantle of New York City's top team. For as much hootin' and hollerin' as there was in my house, Army manufactured their 58 point margin of victory with about 5 scoops of vanilla. I don't care that they only threw 3 passes, I don't care in the least that they completed zero of those passes. Army showed just a tiny taste of their offense, plenty of players got reps, and they move on to the next game.

The Cadets couldn't get their defense off the field in the second quarter, but Fordham didn't find a way to make them pay. In fact, despite the lopsided 2nd quarter ball possession ledger it didn't at all seem like the Rams had any self determination regarding playing their way back into the game. In fact the Cadets, with just about a minute of possession in the second quarter, still won the frame 13-6. The final time of possession numbers were tilted in Fordham's favor 34:31 -25:29

I'm glad I was wrong about Fordham being able to hang around in this one. This way was much more fun.

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