Army 3-2

Friday, October 11, 2019

I think we will find that this game will ultimately be less about the result or the end of the fine home win streak... and more about how the team responds. It’s all about the response. Is this a crossroads for Army football? No, I don't think so, Army will have ample opportunity to achieve their team goals this year, so the mentality gets back to that one-game season. It is a disappointing loss, and I found it pretty humbling to hear the coaches and players self flagellate after getting soundly stomped. As harsh as his criticism was, Jeff Monken's assessment of the game was spot on. Tulane was the more prepared, more organized team to say nothing about Tulane's size advantage and their can-opener of an offense.

The last time Army lost the time of possession statistic was the way back in the first game of 2017. Army beat Fordham 64-6, and kicked off enough to lose the possession number. Last week Tulane won the day with 30:39 of possession to Army's 28:36.

If I take away one thing from this game - It really highlights the fine line that Monken's teams have walked in the last 3 years. Tulane played a fine game. Just like Hawaii played a fine game, just like Buffalo played a fine game, Just like San Diego State and Duke and Rice all played fine games. Army football has been able to regularly wrestle wins away from teams and just as they win games by converting 4th and 2 - the other side of the coin is losing on that 4th and 2 conversion - or in this case, just losing in general. That's the kind of edge that Army plays on - there have been a lot of Army games that Jeff Monken has coached where this team is lucky to escape with their hats.  Army football has transformed into a winner, but let's not forget that this team can lose to any team on the schedule.

As for Tulane. I had a bad feeling about this one from day 1 of the season. I don’t think we match up well against Tulane's players and our defensive scheme seems to get drawn and quartered like that, by not even the RPO itself, but the athletic improvisations that stem from the run of play.  give Tulane credit. They should be proud of where their team stands right now. Tulane had six different people carry the ball and 5 of them ran for touchdowns. Army's players took responsibility with Elijah Riley citing not getting off blocks and not tackling as the reason Army's D fell apart. You could really tell in the post game press conference that Army players and coaches hate losing.

Is the house on fire?  No, not even close, but this loss stings. The loss ends the home win streak, and this marks three straight losses to Tulane and a sense that the series is slipping away. Tulane has extended their series lead over Army to 12-9-1.

Tulane and Army are scheduled to play again next year Sept. 19th  in Uptown New Orleans.

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