Yearbook: Middle Tennessee State Midlander

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

We're lucky enough to have access to MTSU's online yearbooks. I figured I would squeeze this yearbook entry in since it will be a while before the Blue Raiders come back around on the schedule. 

MTSU's library and digital collections presents the Midlander yearbook online collection. The university's .pdf interface is a little bit clunky, but usable, but the deal breaker is that searching within each yearbook leaves a lot to be desired. I saw that Lyrasis digitized the collection, so I checked the internet archive and found a searchable collection of Midlanders.  That one is going to be better for all-around use. 

Thrill-a-minute I know.

The yearbook has some solid writing from student-journalists that followed school sports closely. They have nice spotlight stories about those in the sports programs and the takeaway is that of a collection that offers a very polished history of Middle Tennessee's sporting legacy. 

You can find a list of other college yearbooks along with the Middle Tennessee State Midlander under the Yearbooks tab above.

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