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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Absolutely grand book by Edwin Pope, Football's Greatest Coaches (copyright 1955 Tupper and Love Publishers)

The stories in this book illustrate the personalities and backgrounds of 28 of football's greatest early coaches. Heisman, Neyland, Rockne, Sutherland, Warner, Dodd, Blaik, Yost... this one reads like a laundry list of the great coaches and founders of college football.
Here's a link to the full text if you want to search the book's contents
(...or if the embed doesn't appear on your screen - and about that - I'm trying out a new PDF reader, so I'll take a look at it from a few angles, and if it doesn't work - I'll leave it at that, but it looks pretty sweet right now so I'm guessing it should be alright).

Update: I just realized that the new PDF reader doesn't work too well with IE6. I will probably upgrade to IE7 for logistical purposes, but I'm a big believer in Firefox, and I will likely create and view most new posts on that. If you're still using Internet Explorer that's your business - but I'll just suggest that you at least try Firefox, because it's actually pretty awesome.



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