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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The events surrounding the Temple game: bad calls, erroneous reviews, and poor decisions -are getting a lot more press than the Rutgers game is.

Army AD Kevin Anderson has been outspoken on the questionable calls going against the West Point team.

The game had four plays reviewed. All four went in Temple's favor, including an overturned interception by Army safety Donovan Travis on a pass interference penalty well away from the play.

Army also lost an apparent safety when Temple QB Vaughn Charlton was backpedaling and defensive end Josh McNary appeared to have sacked him in the end zone. Officials ruled forward progress at the 1.

"To be honest, I wouldn't be having this conversation with you now had I not seen the replays from the booth and had I not reviewed the film," said Anderson, who also contacted the director of officiating in the MAC. "I saw it and it doesn't bode well with me that these kind of things happen. It was so one-sided."

Yes there were bad calls, but you wanna know how many times Temple was burned by bad calls in their down years? It happened almost every week.

The thing is, you just can't put yourself in position to let the bad calls burn you. My point? Errors were made, but let's not make a song up over it.

Rich Ellerson continues his losing trend by now losing sleep.

Army DT Mike Gann gets a spotlight piece over at Sal Interdonato's blog.

Seven Games into the 2009 season Josh McNary sits 3rd in the nation in sacks and tackles for loss.

I can't stand revisionist history, but this job over at Conquest Chronicles had me in stitches.

Nonetheless, Michigan football demonstrated sound thinking that day in 1909 when they decided to avoid Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish "respect" campaign led them to take on the likes of Army, Penn State, and Texas. Strange things began to happen to those teams though - Pancho Villa expanded his operations to include Texas, and Pennsylvania separatists attempted to annex College Station to West Virginia. No conclusive proof was found that Notre Dame was involved, but suspicions ran high because of the multi-year effort to stick it to Army.

That effort culminated with the sinking of the Lusitania by former Notre Dame exchange student and walk-on linebacker Kapitanleutnant Walther Schwieger. Schwieger's log entries typically started with references to being under the blue-gray sky, and while weather in the North Atlantic is generally pretty crap, it has been established that Schwieger used this phrase even on sunny days.

What has a U-Boat attack got to do with the Army football team, you might be asking. Well, the eventual result of the sinking of the Lusitania led to the US entry into World War I, which resulted in the machine-gunning of most of the Army team members who had thwarted Notre Dame's football team. Wolverines shuddered to think that it could have been them.

Looking forward to the Friday game, on ESPN2. Couldn't be more happy to watch Army on national TV. Army is +10 for this game but they should be motivated enough to make this one closer than 10 pts.

AND I got my Mojo back, which is to say: I fixed my tablet PC- that means no more posting from the Mac. Mac OSX always makes me think 'that's what it must be like to be a dyslexic person on a PC'. No offense to the dyslexics, but thankfully I'm back in order on my regulation equipment and I can post to my heart's content. I really could not be more elated.



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