Full Court Press

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Black Knights are poised to wrap up spring ball with the Black and Gold game on Saturday and the team holding its last spring practices.

Sal Interdonato again has the scoop. -Which is amazing considering he covers H.S. sports runs 2 blogs and covers the Army beat all at the same time... that's what I meant with the title of this post - FULL COURT PRESS

Sal rapid fired the posts on his Black Knight blog.

He's got late spring practice notes

He has news of a possible matchup against Stanford.

He's got news on a possible 2010 Armed Forces Bowl deal.

Considering the debacle put forth by the MAC refs at the Army-Temple game I'm going to suggest that it's a probably better to avoiding dealing with the bowls that the MAC takes part in.

It would be a tough game, and it has been a pretty high-scoring event since its inception.

With that said just look at some of the teams that have taken part in the Armed Forces Bowl...

Boise State, TCU, Cincinnati, Utah, Tulsa, Houston, Kansas, California, Marshall

Think about where those teams were when they played in that bowl...

...take a look at what those teams accomplished since then.

Except for Cal and Marshall every team has achieved a 10 win season since they took part in that bowl and Cal has flirted with the 10 win number as recently as last year, going 8-5 and 9-4 in the last two years. The game is on Dec. 31st, so it comes with plenty of late practice time. The Armed Forces Bowl always brings tough competition, and it's played in Fort Worth, Texas, which makes it a good venue for Army. If Army gets this bowl deal in place it could set up as both a good, tough, tough postseason game as well as a springboard for Army football program. I'd love to see that deal get made.

Sal's got a look at Saturday's Spring Game format, and it will be Offense vs. Defense

Plus this Varsity 845U piece about moving the cadets' football seats.

I guess a bunch of season ticket holders got pissed about losing their seats. You know what? They'll get over it.

So your grandfather bought your season tickets in 1946? Well, Army hasn't won a title since 1946, maybe it's time to change it up.

Another guy seated in the section next to where the cadets will move complained,

"The cadets stand on the bleachers. They can get pretty loud. ... It's more of a social thing than watching football," he said of his decision to move."


"I wish they would have kept the cadets where they were. ... It's pretty shaky thinking that making them move to the opponent's side is going to win them football games."

Well if your section were as loud as the corps of cadets to begin with, USMA w0uldn't have to worry about moving the students in front of the cameras. We get it, you want to be able to sit with the friends you made over the years at Michie Stadium, that's why they're allowing you to select your seat. I don't know if the move will directly win games for the team, but it will absolutely make for a more hostile environment for opponents to play in.



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