Yearbook: Elon College Phi Psi Cli

Friday, May 28, 2010

Elon College (now Elon Univ.) has their yearbooks posted over at the internet archive. Elon's Phi Psi Cli is a nice look at a small college through history. The set is comprehensive from 1914 to 2009.

Elon has fielded a football team since 1920 but they took off football for the years 1943-'46.

These yearbooks are a great source of information since even Soren Sorensen's great college football history site doesn't have complete records for a team like Elon.

I don't know how many Elon football fans are out there looking for historical notes on the Fightin' Christians, but a lot of game recaps can be found in these yearbooks. Additionally, Google's news archive is another place to look for old Elon football news and historical notes.

As obscure as the Elon Football team is - information about their team's history is even more illusive. Hopefully this post brings together some loose ends for some people.


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