BlogPoll Week 1 Ballot

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's my official ballot. I tried to rank them on how I thought the teams would finish, with a few exceptions. I don't expect Alabama to run the table this year, and with an Alabama loss the SEC West would be up for grabs. I can't justify dropping the Crimson Tide from #1 since they just plain haven't lost a regular season game in two years.

There is a lot of risk placing Pittsburgh so high, but they don't have to beat the world to win the Big East, and if they achieve a ten win season, as I project, that means they will have beaten at least three of: Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Utah or West Virginia.

A lot of participants seemed to hold TCU to the top-10 standard; with their slate one loss has them at about top 10, two would likely drop them to about 16 or 17.

Some of the ranked teams have no business being on the list, but that is for the most part the work of the MGoBallot, who pragmatically listed the top twenty five teams alphabetically.

Interestingly, MGoBlog's ballot unintentionally gives Army its highest preseason rank of the summer... #2 for all the marbles. Let's hope the team sets that ranking as their standard rather than the previous

With no further adieu, I present The Unbalanced Line's first official top 25 ballot.



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