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Friday, August 20, 2010

A couple of stories that could and probably should be covered a bit more, but I'm short on time this week, so I've just got the links.

The big news item today concerns Trent Steelman's 2010 eligibility, as the starting QB found himself in front of a West Point honor code board for an unspecified honor code violation. There isn't a lot of info as to what the violation might have been, but I'm sure there will be speculation, but as of now, Steelman is cleared to start the season opener.

From NBC, here's an interesting take about how ESPN reports on and ranks college football games, while they also bid for big time TV contracts

With each victory on the way to starting 9-0 in 1996, Army's football players and coaches were convinced this would be the one that launched them into the polls.
It took until that ninth win for them to slip into the AP Top 25.
"Week after week, we'd think we were going to get into the rankings, but you'd have some ESPN guy saying, 'West Point, they're playing a powder-puff schedule,"' recalled New Mexico coach Mike Locksley, an assistant on that squad.

Go Army Sports has recent practice reports, but there's not much news, and I'm lucky, because I'm also late...



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