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Friday, January 14, 2011

So it's time for Blogpoll voters to begin submitting post-bowl rankings, and while many will chime in to note Auburn the unanimous #1 team I'm not going to rehash what was my week 15.5 ballot.

I don't see how this is called week 16 when a ranked team played between week 15 and the start of the bowl season. Forget that the bowls go on for 3+ weeks, week 16 was an actual regular season game day featuring top 20 Navy beating Army in the Navy/Army game. So for that reason and my own interest in moving past a season that saw my alma mater fire its biggest supporter, my second favorite team gack away a national title by one point and my local Ducks lose a national title by 3 points - I am not going to submit a post bowl ranking.

So my week 16 is again viewable here, if you want to revisit it; and I'll gladly post the final blogpoll rankings as it has (aside from the week 16 calendar) been a pleasure to rank teams this year.

Tomorrow I will hit a couple of superlatives for the 2010 Army team, look ahead to next season and give some thanks where thanks is due.




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