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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Black Knights have experimented with wild uniforms in recent games Navy-Army games. This year they go pro - Nike Pro Combat. I suppose the name is apropos, considering participants in Navy/Army games will likely be professional soldiers, but I really don't like that name for the semi-fashionable brand of uniforms.

We found out that Army and Navy will wear the stylized pro combat uniforms for the first time as more and more schools are being selected to highlight Nike's fashion and marketing.

For what it's worth Army's look decent - by that it is a subdued look from other camouflage getups they wore in prior Navy /Army games. The jersey numbers have a stenciled look, but other than that, it looks like a modest update of the traditional black gold and white. A photo album can be found on Nike Pro Combat's facebook page.

MetroWNY catches up with the Army season which I am only posting for their optimistic Trent Steelman update.
Starting quarterback Trent Steelman was pretty beat up after the San Diego State game. Steelman was the leading rusher on the team as he had a career day in yards. Steelman will be able to play on Saturday when they take on Northwestern.

“We expect him to be available,” said Ellerson. “How much we’re going to be able to do during the week with him, we’ll wait and see.”

Sal scoops all that stuff on his blog. Talk about pro. Don't miss his Army football chat, plenty of stuff in there.

Sal talks about Army's two most important offensive pieces dealing with injuries and gives us a word on past Wyoming Valley West (PA) recruit A.J. McGovern.

Hi Sal, Thanks for your coverage. Recruiting question for you. 2 years ago our top recruit according to sites like ESPN and Scout was a 3 star Center in AJ McGovern. I know he was at USMAPS last year and I was really surprised to see him not even on the roster this year. Any info on him???

Pat, appreciate the compliments, thanks. Sometimes, the scouting services are wrong. I believe McGovern is at West Point but not playing football. I just think McGovern's size doesn't fit the mold of a lineman Army is looking for right now
 Lastly, and FWIW, sprint football has a big game this weekend.
"Whenever Army and Navy compete, the venue becomes electric," Perkins said. "It was an epic battle before a packed stadium when they last met in Saratoga in 2007, and with Army's upset league victory against the Midshipmen in 2010, the Allegiance Bowl will undoubtedly be a showdown. We are anticipating an incredible game between two amazing teams."
If Army wins this sprint football game I will consider going back to calling the game Army/Navy.



JC said...

You need more comments on your blog! I will help you out. I like the new unis, alot. It holds on to tradition but still is very modern in keeping with today's game. I think we will look better, but I am biased. Thanks for posting.

chris said...

I am really picky about the new generation of uniforms, particularly the Nike Pro Combat line. I hated Pitt's when they came out last year, but I absolutely loved Maryland's Under Armor getups from last week.

I was glad to see that the changes made to Army's traditional scheme were subtle, and I think that Navy and Army's new Nike threads are both tastefully done.

Thanks for commenting, JC.


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