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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ohio University's football history goes back to 1892,  (yearbook PDF),but the team didn't play their first intercollegiate football game until 1894.

Notable Bobcat achievements on the gridiron are few and far between. There was the 1962 Sun Bowl season, and there was an impressive run from 1929-1933, with Ohio U. stringing together 5 very nice seasons. Ohio's record during that early stretch was a commendable 36-6-1, and the Bobcats collected 3 Buckeye Athletic Association titles in those years. For me, Ohio U's most memorable moment came in 2005 at the expense of my Alma Mater.

Today, Bobcat athletics are still pestering Pitt - most recently in volleyball with yesterday's  24-26, 25-23, 20-25, 26-24, 21-19 five-set humbling of the Panthers.

Ohio's yearbooks are now online as the school's Athena yearbook has been made available by the Ohio University Library's Digital Initiatives project - hosted by the Internet Archive. It's a great look back in time at a nice old football club. Turn back the clock with the Ohio Athena, my latest addition to my ever growing yearbook collection.


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