Yearbook: Birmingham Southern

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birmingham Southern has its yearbooks digitized and available online.
The Birmingham Southern yearbooks featured are the Gold and Black, La Revue, The Pegasus, and The Southron, Southern Accent.

The yearbooks from 1907 and 1915-2009 have been made available online by the illustrious and praiseworthy Internet Archive.

Birmingham Southern has been playing football for a long time. In fact, as a school, BSC is the outcome of the merger of two colleges that have each been playing football for a long time. In 1918 Birmingham College and Southern University (Alabama) merged their schools. Birmingham College started playing intercollegiate football beginning in 1904 (they competed as Birmingham Coll. until 1916) and Southern University first fielded a team in 1909 (playing as Southern University likewise until 1916).

By 1918 both school and football team were 'Birmingham Southern' - and actually played two games in that lost season of World War I.

In addition to other small colleges, BSC used to get regular games against both Alabama and Auburn.

Like a number of other schools BSC de-emphasized football in 1940. Actually, in this case "de-emphasis" is too light a word - BSC dismantled their football team altogether.

Thankfully in 2006 they pulled it together and today they compete in the southern SCAC league (Div. III).

Enjoy this one - another good yearbook from Birmingham Southern.


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