Looking Forward to Boston College

Friday, October 4, 2013

A few items looking ahead to tomorrow's game.

The game notes (.pdf) are up.

Army Athletics' Youtube page has been doing Throwback Thursdays with video highlights of old school games featuring Army's upcoming opponents.

There are a few already up from earlier in the year.

This week's is Army/Boston College 1985.

Sal's chat went down the other day, it's too bad I have to miss these, but it is nice to be able to go back and look at them when I can.

He was asked if Army figured something out or if La. Tech was unprepared.

I think it was all about execution. Good reads, good pitches, better blocking than the Wake Forest game.

I disagree. Army did hang on to the football, but the pursuit by Tech's linebackers was at times hilarious. Backers pinching in for inside runs and then getting caught flat footed and having to chase the ball from behind. There were times Tech showed some discipline, but when they got caught- they got caught big.

Now, the good news is that Boston College's players didn't grasp Army's offense until after the game was over.... who knows if they figured out how to slow the option attack, but they haven't shown any know-how as of last year.

Boston College blog BC Interruption has a bunch of stuff to look at.

Their predictions all call for a double digit BC win.

Brian -Stuck over in Cali. 27-10 BC
Jeff - Glad that the game is happening, but still stuck south of the Mason-Dixon. 38-10 BC
Joe - At Alumni, tailgating with AJ and his crew. 30-10 BC
A.J - Sitting in Section B, also rocking a massive tailgate in Beacon St. 38-14 BC
New Guy -Not not trying to steal the BC Eagle before it's named. 24-14 BC

 Courtesy of BC Interruption there is a view of Eagles' coach Addazio's press conference.

Q. Assuming the game is played Saturday, you're going to see the option. Can you talk about preparing for that in one week, how difficult it is in this day and age when you don't see it very often.
COACH ADDAZIO: Well, it's very difficult. It's a unique offense, a unique style. I'm very familiar with it because I ran it. I guess that's a little bit of a benefit. I understand it, know it. I can help the scout team. I'm involved with the scout team in the preparation.
I think it's critical that you can run it at a pretty high level so when you get on the field on Saturday it's not such a different speed.
You need a quarterback that can run a little option, have to be able to teach the plays, call them. We have a little understanding of that. But it happens so fast. The cut blocking, all the things that are unique to it, it's difficult.
I love how according to most opponents Army runs "the option" I promise you Addazio didn't run a misdirection option anything like the one Army runs.

The series is 24-13... this is a big game for Army, for both teams really.

Thankfully the game will be played and Army can get back to business as usual.




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