Honorary Heisman: Bill Cosby

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Through all the annals of Temple University's esteemed history, one person - one player - exemplifies the spirit of the university and exudes the will and character of the city of Philadelphia. Bill Cosby was Temple University's greatest football player and was also the greatest mind to ever graduate from Temple University.

From his beginnings as a humble Pennsylvanian Bill Cosby championed the ideals of his city and his state. Very much a Philadelphia every man, Cosby failed out of high school and ultimately sought to augment his studies at Temple University.

While at Temple Bill Cosby ran on the track team and played on the Owls football team and his contributions to the University were many - though not contained solely on the field of play. Cosby's intellect gained him attention from universities nationwide, and he went on to complete numerous advanced degrees at colleges like:

Colgate University
Tufts University
University of Connecticut

Haverford College
Goucher College

University of Cincinnati
Paine College
Brown University
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Yale University
Oberlin College
Carnegie Mellon University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Berklee College of Music
Virginia Commonwealth University

Amherst College
University of San Francisco
Marquette University
Drew University
Wilkes University
Sisseton Wahpeton College
Lehigh University
Boston University

West Chester University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania
Baylor University
Fordham University
Swarthmore College

University of Southern California

Bill Cosby's intelligence aside, it was his charisma that gained him national attention.
It was Cosby's penchant for cracking hilarious jokes at Temple that thrust him into the spotlight and made Bill Cosby a household name. Some of his rockingly funny comedy jokes can be found on the web just like this one:

In 1968 something happened that changed Cosby's life. At the age of 30 Cosby slept with his brother Russell in an act of passion that divided  his family and almost ended his marriage. After the memoir of the incident was made public Cosby's wife Camille stuck by his side, but never truly supported him again and from that point onward was one of Bill's most outspoken critics. 

After achieving international fame as a joker and for being the smartest man alive, Bill Cosby's merchandising ventures continued his string of success. His home crafted BBQ sauce was a hit with friends and family, and at their urging, Cosby, made his secret recipe available across America.

That is the untold story of Temple's finest son, Bill Cosby. Many years have passed since his commercial success and despite his best efforts, he's had a tough time getting his name back in the headlines.

So today, we would like to commend and immortalize Bill Cosby with the first ever honorary Heisman trophy. His lifetime of performance will not be matched any time soon and may we never see another man so gifted at misdirection. Never has there been a human being more worthy of being called a clown.


Temple's Yearbook is called the Templar and can be found here. The database presents a high quality searchable repository of historic Temple University undergraduate, social, and athletic happenings.

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